Levitation Photography inspired by Natsumi Hayashi

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Levitation photography is unique!  We are attracted to levitation photos because there's something just not right about the image.  Levitation photography looks difficult, however it really is not and with a little planning it can be done by anyone.  Take a look at my images and let me know what you think.

Levitation Photograhy (4)Levitation Photography inspired by Natsumi Hayashi

Ever since I saw Natsumi Hayashi's Levitation photography I was inspired to try it.   The above photo is an example of how Natsumi did her style of photography. 

Levitation Photography in San DiegoLevitation Photography FlowersLevitation photography in a flower field in San Diego Marina is falling into a flower field (rare during the drought) in San Diego.

Levitation PhotographyLevitation Photography floatingFalling in a dry riverbed in San Diego Dry riverbed falling Levitation Photography in San DiegoLevitation Photography with Marina in a forest in San DiegoMichael Lagman Photography using Levitation Photography Marina falling from the sky

Levitation BTSLevitation Before and AfterThis is how we set up the shot and the final image

The above pictures are examples of how the shot is set up.  Basically you take your camera, put it on a tripod, set your exposure manually and compose your shot.  Take one of the model (in this case Marina) and then remove everything and take the same shot again. 

Levitation BTSLevitation Photography Before and AfterThis is an example of before and after of how Levitation photography

In the above photo, I wanted the dress to look like it was falling so we composed the image so that it looked more realistic.  



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