Brianna's Polynesian shoot

August 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It was a great day to photographed Brianna, the weather was warm, the beach was not that crowded, but the tide was high.  Having photograph Brianna in the past, I knew that she wouldn't be phased by a little high tide and I am glad she wasn't we took some great images of her, Check it out.

I need a few more Polynesian dancers for my book please contact me at or email me at info [at} michaellagman [.} com  

Brianna at La JollaBrianna%20Polynesian%20shoot

Brianna at La Jolla

Polynesian Dancer in San DiegoPolynesian%20Dancer

Polynesian Dancer in San Diego

Waves crashing around Brianna La%20Jolla%20with%20Polynesian%20dancer

Waves crashing around Brianna 

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