Marina photo shoot at Windnsea

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Marina came from Tokyo to compete in Heiva San Diego Pageant and I had an opportunity to photograph her and her mom Yumi at Windnsea in San Diego a few weeks back (I was a little behind in my work).  Check out some of Marina's pictures and if you are interested in my Polynesian Project check it out at

La Jolla Polynesian -3-EditWindnsea polynesian photo shootMarina at windnsea in San Diego Marin by the classic Windnsea surfing hut.  I love how the picture is framed in this one. 

La Jolla Polynesian -36-EditMarina on the beachTahitian dancer at La Jolla

This image was captured as the waves were crashing all about Marina.  

La Jolla Polynesian -104-EditWaves crashing with MarinaMarina's photo shoot at La Jolla

Marina had hold this pose for a while because there were a lot of surfers and swimmers we didn't want in the background.

La Jolla Polynesian -133-EditMarina on a rockSan Diego photographer Michael Lagman photographing Tahitian dancer Marina

The combination of Marina and the color of the waves really makes the image.

La Jolla Polynesian -113-EditMother and Daughter dancing Tahitian dancer in La Jolla's Windnsea beach.

Yumi and Marina did a little dance together and they really look look like they are enjoying themselves.


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