What to wear for a family photoshoot

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The first thing you should keep in mind when you are on a photo shoot is to look like yourselves.  Choose clothing that everyone is comfortable in and something you would actually wear in "real life".

-It’s not about matching; it’s about creating a cohesive look. What this means: you should all look like you’re in the same season (if your child is wearing a winter coat, your husband shouldn't be in shirtsleeves) and like you could arguably be going to the same place.

family photo session in coronadoFamily%20photos%20san%20diego

family photo session in coronado

San Diego Family photo session in Balboa ParkFamily%20photos

San Diego Family photo session in Balboa Park

- For you: Choose necklines that frame your face, like cowl-neck sweaters or boat-neck shirts…but avoid turtlenecks. Style your hair away from your face to avoid shadows, and choose jewelry that doesn’t distract.

- For your baby: Teeny-tiny suits are cute, but even cuter is a baby who’s not crying, so I’d go for comfortable, relatively casual layers that you can take on and off as the weather requires.

- For your husband: Few things look more awkward than a man who has been trussed up for a photo in an outfit that he’s uncomfortable in, so don’t try to stick your husband in a suit if he’s more of a tee-and-sneakers kind of guy.

- For all of you: Skip the patterns in favor of solid colors, and avoid shiny fabrics, as well as red, white, and black (white and red are too bright for the camera, and black absorbs too much light). Bright colors can look pretty and “pop” depending on the background, but I like the idea of warm neutrals for a family photo.

Family beach photoEncinitas%20family%20photos

Family beach photo

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